Saturday, May 24, 2008

Date Night!

Hooray, we got to go out tonight and have a little adult conversation and competition! Our friends called and asked us if we wanted to double date with them. It was a good excuse to leave the kids home and go out. We enjoyed a nice dinner and then we weren't sure what to do with the rest of our evening. Well, we ended up playing ping pong! We played couple against couple and then we went boys vs. girls. The girls won the first round, but the boys took the second. So of course we had to have a tie braker. Unfortunately the boys won the third round. It's good we didn't have any bets going!


diane said...

Yay I linked you! Ping-pong, fun-fun!

ferntyler said...

ping pong is so fun, but I am not very good at it (maybe that's why I like it, because I don't expect too much from myself). sounds like a fun night!

Tina said...

Me too. Luckily J took it easy on all of us. No pressure, just good fun.