Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Dear Jane Wednesdays

Today I made M-4 - Stepping Stones. I have been avoiding the last row on this quilt. Every time I have gone to look at doing the blocks on row M I have decided to do something else because I didn't want to tackle them...too hard. But today when I looked again I realized it's not that they are hard, just a lot of steps. So I decided today was the day! Here's the line drawing from the book:

Luckily I have the software, so I am able to print out patterns. It gives you different options, you can print a foundation pattern, templates, or rotary cutting instructions depending on how you want to approach the block. This one is definitely a foundation piecing block. It's the only way to go for this type of block, and the result is precise since you are sewing on the lines of the paper. Here is the foundation piecing (or paper piecing) pattern I printed out and cut apart to get started:

You sew on the side with the lines with the fabric lined up on the other side. It's basically sew and flip, sew and flip.

After you get all the pieces sewn to the paper you trim it up on the lines and make it look nice and neat!

Here the four corners are done:

Now onto the center side pieces. Here's how I line up the fabric, I hold it up to the light to make sure it is lined up properly and there is enough seam allowance all around the shape.

All the center paper pieced sections are done and ready to be sewn together:

Now for the edge strips and corners. It's nice when you can just go big and trim it down to size. It makes the finished product so nice and neat.

And here's the finished product: M-4 - Stepping Stones!

(The paper is still there on the back. I'll leave it on until it's time to put the quilt together. Then I'll tear it off, sometimes I have to use tweezers to get it out of the small places. I stitch with a small stitch and fold on the stitched lines when paper piecing so that the paper will tear off more easily later.)


Vivian Love said...

Great tutorial! Love that block.

Have a great day,
Vivian Love

TLC said...

Wow, that is a lot of steps. You make it look effortless! Beautiful block!

Dianna said...

I loved your star tags and the gift idea it goes with and the balls you are making and your m&m recommendation and your random drawing. I also enjoyed taking us through the process of making the quilt piece today. You are always working on some marvelous, interesting, amazing, cute thing!!

diane said...

It's a fabric puzzle. I'm glad you held up the pieces so we can see how tiny they are. Beautiful!

Ravenhill said...

wow, does that ever look like fun!