Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day! We love our Dad! He's the best.

Thanks to Marie for the yummy recipe for rosemary peasant bread. I made it to go along with our roast and potatoes and salad today. It was a big hit, and easy to make!

Here are the cards I made for my husband and for my dad for father's day. I'm so blessed to have both of them, and my father in law in my life! Thanks to them for being such great men, and examples to me.


diane said...

Cute cards! Are they made of paper or fabric?

Tina said...

The DAD card - the letters are fabric, the rest paper.

The squares card is all paper, but I did stitch the paper down with my sewing machine.

ferntyler said...

I love how creative you are - keep sharing your great ideas because I am a great copier..

Sunshine said...

Wow, how cute are those cards! And I love your beach pictures...very artistic. You could go professional with those.

Ann said...

J rocks for sure! We love having J as our awesome bro in law and uncle.