Thursday, June 19, 2008

Letter Perfect

Since I missed out on Dear Jane Wednesday this week I'm making up for it with this cute and simple idea. My daughter and I made this quick gift for a birthday party this week.

You'll need a frame, some fabric, fusible web, a pencil, an iron, and scissors. Optional: computer and printer.

Audition some different fonts to decide which style of letter best suits your needs. (or draw your own letter) We chose Showcard Gothic for this friend's gift. R is her first initial.

Measure the size of the opening on your frame to make sure the letter will fit, and print it backward. I used MS Publisher and flipped the letter before I printed it. Some printer drivers also let you flip what you are printing.

Place a piece of fusible web over your printed letter and trace it onto the paper side of the fusible web. Cut the letter out allowing some space around the letter. (do not cut on the line) Iron the fusible web to the WRONG side of your fabric. Then cut out your letter on the line that you traced.

After it cools peel the paper-back off of your applique letter.

Place the letter onto your background square of fabric and press, following the fusible web instructions. The size of this square of fabric is based on the size of your frame. (I think some stitching here would be nice, a blanket stitch around the letter, etc. But we were going for really quick and really simple this time.)

Open up your frame and place your work under the glass.

And put it all back together.

Here's the end result! A quick little gift that anyone would love.


Katie said...

So cute and such a great idea! I'll definitely need to try it out.

TLC said...

Super cute!

We Six Nasons said...

Very cute, I am sure your friend will love it. And what a great project to do with children.

Conner Posse said...

what a FAB idea!! that's actually something i could do! haha...