Friday, June 27, 2008

Our Robots

In honor of the movie WALL-E my kids decided to make up some robots of their own today.

Introducing NET ...

He was built to be my son's friend. One hand is a magnet and the other is a hand. The tubes coming out of his shoulders attach to the ceiling while inside and that's how he moves around. While he's outside the tubes can change positions and he is propelled by jets that come out of the ends of the tubes. He can also pull his tubes, arms, head and tail inside his body when he is off for easy storage and transportation. He's 2 feet tall from the tip of his antenna to the tip of his tail.

... and Wo-bot:

Wo-bot is one foot tall and he can shrink as small as he wants. He has little cameras on the tips of his antennas so that he can make sure nobody is doing anything bad like a little security guard. If you press his nose it will play back the footage on his tummy. Out of the spring can come a little jet so he can fly around. Instead of walking he bounces.

Here's my little robot:

It's the SA1000. She is very efficient in folding fabric and putting it away back where it belongs and sucking up all those unwanted stray threads and tiny pieces of fabric that end up all over my work surface and carpet. She takes care of all the undesirable tasks of cleaning up after a sewing project.


TLC said...

Oh, I want a SA1000!! Can I get the version that cleans bathrooms too?

Katie said...

So fun! I can't wait to see Wall-E:) It sounds like it's going to be good!

ferntyler said...

you guys are so creative! I would also like an SA1000 - could you add in the floor mopping on that one?

We Six Nasons said...

Okay, I would like to order one of those too. You have sold me on this design and I hope that production will begin soon! Very clever.