Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Show and Tell

Thanks Diane for tagging me today. What a fun project, it's taken me all day, doing a little bit each time I've been home from the days activities. Here we go with the show and tell...

1. Kitchen sink...amazing, no dishes!

2. Refrigerator...a mess inside and out.

3. Toilet...and a glimpse of my valentine mini Dear Jane.

4. Laundry...I must put in a little tip here. My new dryer never worked very good, which was so disappointing! It took me forever to get through a load of laundry. Luckily my washer went out and I had to call a repairman. I had him look at my dryer. The lint was backing up into the dryer and we found out that the vent that goes out to the outside was soooo clogged. We almost had a fire! Now my laundry gets done in record time! So go check your vent and make sure it's not clogged with lint!

5. What the kids are doing...

One is playing video games...

One is eating some cereal...

And one is getting off the bus...

6. Favorite room...It's new as of this year, I have my own dedicated sewing space and a place for my laptop! As you can see the doors are open to my fabric cabinet...the kids were picking fabric for the stuffed balls I made for them.

7. My closet...don't you love all those books piled high? I've got to get to them...they are genealogy books from my grandma who passed away!

8. Favorite shoes...Red!

9. Self portrait. First I tried to take my own picture with my arm outstretched...what a joke, but I do like my hair in the back! Then I realized I have a timer on my camera, so here I am sitting up straight and tall at my sewing machine.
10. Dream vacation...really anywhere for more than 2 days with just my husband and no kids!
The Conner Posse tag your's your turn for the show and tell!


Johnna said...

Clean sink--oooo, cool.

You must have been so frustrated before you knew what the deal was with the dryer. I would have been livid. Then abashed.

that's my first peek at your sewing room. You deserve it!

self-portrait. excellent posture, m'dear.

thanks for the show and tell.

diane said...

I love your hair and your cute pants!
Red shoes make me feel like Dorthy.
Your granite bathroom counter is gorgeous.
Your sewing room, a dream spot...if I sewed. But, I could tie a bunch of quilts there.

ferntyler said...

that made me smile - I sort of felt like I just stopped in at your house and you took me around for a minute (i hadn't seen the new sewing space either).. you are right, your hair does look good from behind as well as from the front :)

Jen said...

I am impressed with the cleanliness of your house. You wouldn't want to know how mine looks right about now. I am with the rest of the gals, your hair looks great and who wouldn't love a lovely pair of red shoes.

Alicia said...

I'm impressed! I love the Mario Kart playing! I realize now that you weren't joking that it is a popular past time at your house!