Thursday, July 17, 2008


I was fortunate to be able to attend my Grandma's 88th birthday party on Wednesday. I brought my camera, but I was so caught up in all the fun that I didn't take any pictures, darn it! My Mom threw a very nice party at a local Mexican restaurant. They had a buffet, so it made it easy for the 30+ guests to come and enjoy a meal and help my Grandma celebrate. (she has lots of friends!) There were party favors of little lotions for the women and candy for the men all tied up in birthday ribbons for each guest, balloon bouquets on the tables, and curly ribbons on the tables for decorations. My daughter had fun passing the favors out to everyone as they arrived. I am not able to visit often enough, but I was glad to be able to be there for that fun occasion. We had to rush home afterward, a 2.5 hour drive, for activities we had commitments for. I made a little stuffed heart for her to hang in her room out of some pretty fabrics, I'll have to get a picture and post it next time I'm there.

My middle son is having a birthday tomorrow! He's turning 13, so that's one more teenager to add to our family. He was away at scout camp a couple weeks ago, and we missed him while he was gone. He's such a happy, easy going, and fun person to have around (we'll see if he stays that way as his teenage years progress). We plan on taking him and a couple friends to see "Journey to the Center of the Earth" and out to dinner for his birthday celebration. And after Friday I'll post about the gifts we gave him and what he thought about them...I'm anxious to see his reaction!

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