Thursday, August 7, 2008


Last week our magazines came in the mail. It's funny to me when they arrive on the same husband's mountain bike mag and my quilting mag. I've been getting the APQ magazine for years now. Mostly I just enjoy looking through it and admiring the quilts. Although I have made a couple projects from its pages.

My sister and I both made cute scarecrow quilts (at lease we think so!) from the APQ magazine quite a few years ago. We sent them a picture and a little blurb about it for their section "From our Readers." Unfortunately they never put it in. But every year about this time I secretly hope it will show up. Here they are for your viewing pleasure: (hers and mine)

The quilt below that I made from the APQ mag is still unfinished. Actually I put the top together in a weekend (years ago), it's the quilting that has me stalled. It's kind of like a wrestling match, pushing and pulling and rolling it through my sewing machine. I just need to get it out and work on it consistently and someday it will get done. Other projects keep cutting in front.

That will be a happy day when I can report that my two-color triple irish chain is complete and show you a picture of it on my bed! Maybe that will motivate me to get it done!


TLC said...

Yes! Finish that gorgeous quilt! I would love to see it on your bed and you know you would too!

We Six Nasons said...

I know what you mean about other projects cutting in line. I have three projects sitting here and they are all so lovely I don't know what to work on! I can't wait to see the irish chain done though, it is lovely.