Saturday, August 9, 2008

One Sock Down...

I finally finished my first sock! My sister must be so proud, she's the one who started me on it last year, and has probably been wondering if I'd ever finish! I've been working on it very slowly.

I took it on vacation with me. (I've been gone...more about that in a later post). Luckily I finished Breaking Dawn before I came home, so I had some time while my kids were in the pool at the hotel to work on my sock.

Here I am trying it on at the pool to decide if I should start on the toe. I was worried that it was going to end up too big...but it turned out to be just the right length!

I did the Kitchener stitch for the first time to finish off the toe. I had to wait until I was home so I had a needle. It's like magic! You can't even see where the seam is. I used for an instructional video on how to do the stitch. It was awesome! It helped a ton. Check it out if you ever need an visual explanation on any knitting stitches or techniques!

BTW I used Janis's Koigu Sock Pattern by Janis Cortese. You can find it on

Now it's time to start on the 2nd sock. I hope it won't take as long as the first!


TLC said...

HOORAY!! I am so excited that you finished your first sock!! It looks great!! Are you going to knit the second one faster than the first? heehee

dianna said...

Congratulations Tina!
Big accomplishment. I hope you do knit the second one and not get second sock syndrome.
Pretty with the stripes.