Saturday, September 13, 2008

San Diego Quilt Show, Part 4

These are the last of the pictures from the quilt show that I attended with my sister and my Mom over a month ago. I hope you enjoy the last installment. There were so many beautiful and inspiring quilts at the show! It was fun hearing which quilts you liked from my last post. Of course I love them all, but I especially like the antique sewing machines #2, the bright circles in #10, the bees and nine patches #15, and the turtles #20.

(This is my 99th post! Check back for a fun giveaway for post 100!)




4-this small quilt has even smaller (tiny in fact!) pieced quilts featured on it. CRAZY!


6- one piece of fabric creates each of these "one block wonder" quilts (6-8). To learn a little more about this type of quilt check out this blog post by Donna: They are so cool.















To see all the pictures my sister took from the same trip check out her blog. Just scroll down and you'll find them.


diane said...

Quilt 3 looks very scandinavian. Thanks for sharing these works of art.

Marisa said...

Thanks for posting pix of this show. I went last year, and was so sad that I couldn't travel to make it this year due to the baby. I am enjoying the experience through your eyes now, so thanks!!

TLC said...

I really like #2! I don't even remember that one at all. How did I miss it?

jacquie said...

so unique...i especially love the red, white and black ones. thanks for sharing these.

3WimmerBoys said...

Ilove #7, seriously how do they do that! It's amazing! I bet you had so much fun.

cathy gaubert said...

the pictures of the quilts are amazing...i cannot even begin to imagine what seeing them up close is like!
on another note...did you get your doll quilt swap yet? i hope so, even though mine has yet to arrive.

cathy gaubert said...

ooops...i just scrolled down your posts and saw that you did indeed receive your doll quilt (and more)! what a beautiful one it is, too. :)

Marilyn said...

Tina, what FUN you gals must have had! Your photos are beautiful. Thanks, again, for sharing them:)

Maree said...

Thanks for sharing so many of these with us! I have really enjoyed looking at all of the quilts--felt like I'd been at the show! I think in this group, #11 is my favorite--but there are SO many good and cool ones! Again, thanks for sharing!

Rebecca said...

i've loved looking at all the quilts you've featured on your blog the last post or two. that one with the sewing machines intrigues me. i assume it's appliqued?

Conner Posse said...

amazing!!! i want to go to one of these shows sometime! it must be even better to see them close up - all those details!!