Friday, November 14, 2008

Girl Time

The boys went on a campout today, so that left Miss K and I some girl time.

We headed to the beach. Now mind you it IS November, but we are experiencing a Santa Ana (warm, windy weather - the kind that creates fire danger). The air was comfortable, but the water was freezing! That didn't stop Miss K from attempting to go boogie boarding. (she didn't last very long!)

After playing in the sand, we went for a little walk down the beach...

And then we watched the sunset from the warmth of our car.


Gina said...

Love the flip flops

Great photos of the beach

love and husg Gina xxx

Kim W said...

We saw you two in Target last night. I thought it was nice that it was just you two, but didn't think about the boys being out of town. Glad you had so much fun together.

Maree said...

Two words: wet suit!

LOVE the sunset pictures. Sunset at the beach is my absolute FAVE!

Trisha said...

Beautiful pictures! That is pretty crazy that you can go to the beach in November. Makes me cold just reading about it!