Monday, December 8, 2008

Tis the Season

It's starting to feel like Christmas around here...

We finally took down our lighted spider from our house (from Halloween!) and put up the Christmas lights. I really shouldn't say "we". I had nothing to do with it. Mr. J spent all day Saturday getting our house looking spiffy for Christmas.

I was telling my neighbor, I should just put a santa hat on the spider and we'd be all set.

We had our annual Relief Society (women's organization) Christmas dinner at church. I volunteered to decorate a table. Each table had a theme. My theme was "The First Noel." I had fun sewing up a table topper and making origami ornaments for each place setting. I got to bring out my china and glassware and nativity set.

I really enjoyed the evening; the program of Christmas music and poems helped me get in to the Spirit of the holiday. It was fun being there with friends and the food was delicious. The high school boys were there dressed up and acting as waiters, one of which was my son. I was glad he was there, it was a good experience for him (and I think he might have even enjoyed it on some level).

Now it's time to get the inside of my house decorated. We started a little yesterday. Miss K loves to put up the nativity sets. She did a great job! Monday I hope to get some shopping done while the kids are at school and we'll get our Christmas tree in the evening. Then it will really feel (and smell) like Christmas around here!


diane said...

I forgot to tell you how much I love the music note table topper. The table was simply elegant. You are so clever.

Gina said...

What a beautiful table. Good luck wit hhte decorating. I'll be doing mine on the weekend

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Kim W said...

I do miss the tradition of having everyone decorate the tables. The china is BEAUTIFUL. It makes it all seem more homey than the paper plates at most church dinners. This is great!

Trisha said...

I have not been very good about posting comments. Every time I read your posts I want to pick up the phone and make live comments. You did a wonderful job on the table decorations! So pretty. And, hello, did you make that quilt just to top that table? Why does that not surprise me? The ornaments are wonderful. You are amazing!!

Heidi Ashworth said...

You are so talented and clever! I love the mini quilt you made for me one Christmas (well, really a quilt block).

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Hi Tina! Thanks for your sweet comments and support of my blog anniversary celebration week. The table is beautiful. I think it is great you got the YM to wait the tables. It looks like a really fun night. I love the idea of a theme for each table.

thanks again! I'll have to put you on my google reader.