Thursday, January 8, 2009

Card Exchange




Here are my cards for tonight. They are simple, but that's how I like them. I really like the paper that I found to use and it's fun that the "buttons" on each card are different. I was surprised to find a package of epoxy shapes that went perfectly with the paper. So often when mass producing cards like this there isn't an embellishment package that has all of one thing. It always seems to be an assortment, which can be frustrating and expensive. So I usually don't get stuff like this for my cards, but this time it worked for me! I cut the edge off the scallop paper and used the middle for the inside of the card. My trademark is that I always sew on my cards, so there's a little zig zag stitch going on too. Can't wait to see what everyone else did this time!


Trisha said...

Tina, these are SO cute! You need to open an etsy shop and sell your cards. I would buy them!!

Marilyn said...

Really cute, Tina! I love the scallops and the zig zag stitching. What a lucky find on the buttons--it looks like you make a lot of cards in this swap:)

Kim W said...

Oh how I miss the cards from SS card swaps. However, I don't miss the stress of trying to figure out something cute. You did a great job. Please post what you get from the others.

Maree said...

Oh, these are so cute! I'll be happy to get back to swapping in March.

Alicia said...

They are so cute! I need to get back to doing things like this, They are adorable! Hope everyone liked them!

conner posse said...

so super cute!! these are definitely the kind of cards that you can't throw away. heck, i don't even want to GIVE mine away!! you are so talented. i can't wait to have more time (and older kids)...oh, and more money (haha!) to do all this crafty stuff. love you!