Monday, March 30, 2009

Reading Blogs Is Even Easier!

I made a new discovery by reading this post that has made reading and commenting on blogs so much easier and more efficient!

I shared it with my sister, and she is loving it just as much as I do. Maybe some of you have already discovered the Google "Next" button. But it's new to me, as I'm sure it may be new to some of you.

I've been using Google Reader to subscribe to and read blogs and it's been great. But the Google Next button takes it one step further and the greatest thing is that you can actually read the posts right from the actual blogs, and the button just takes you from one blog to the next from your Reader list with just one click.

I have Window's Vista and Internet Explorer. So if you use something else, it may be different. But here's what I did to set it up...

First you need to add the Links Bar on your browser if it's not already there. Find the Tools menu on the right side at the top. Click on Toolbars, then make sure there is a check by Links.


This should put a Links toolbar up there below where the webpage address is.

Next go to Google Reader (if you already have subscriptions set up in Google Reader) and at the upper right click Settings, then click on the Goodies tab.


There you will find the Next button that you can drag to your Links toolbar.

Now every time you click on the Google Next button, it will take you to one of the blogs in your Google Reader that has been updated. You can read the post right on the blog itself, comment, then hit Next again and go to the next blog on your list.

You can also drag other links up to the links bar, like webpages you want easy access to. Just go to the webage you want, click and drag the icon to the left of the address to the Links bar. Here's a picture of my Links bar:

See the little Google Next button up there at the end of the Links bar? Pretty cool. try it, you'll love it!


*katie* said...

I am LOVING that you shared how to do this!!! Thank you!! I love google reader, but it makes commenting take oh-so-long! Oh happy day! I love shortcuts!

Trisha said...

Thanks again, Tina, for sharing this with me! I love it!!

diane said...

Ummm, I keep trying and I can't figure it out. Maybe you can come over and do it for me.

I'm technically challenged.

Jodi@SimplyThisThat n.. said...

This post has SAVED MY BLOGGING LIFE! Thank You ! ooxx`jodi

jacquie said...

i wonder if i can figure this out for mac...would make my life easier.

jacquie said...

for's just drag and drop next onto the toolbar and it's've saved me soooo much time. thank you, thank you, thank you!

Anonymous said...

Thanks. This was just what I needed.