Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Wow, what a busy October!

You can tell by my lack of blogging that things have been crazy around here, and it's not over yet.  But I'm hoping that things will settle down in November.  (Did I just say that???  ...the holidays will be upon us...and that's always a busy time!)

Recently I've been working on some more bibs, and took some to a baby shower last night.


There were 2 events I needed cookies for on one I made some sugar cookies.  Miss K and a neighbor friend helped frost them...


These are our family's traditional Christmas cookie (cut in Christmas shapes...of course!).  When I started frosting (before the girls showed up) I was listening to Christmas music as I got set up and started to frost the first few.  I had just grabbed a CD to test out a boom box and it happened to be Christmas music. It was strangely familiar decorating sugar cookies to Christmas music, and just strange since I was frosting pumpkins and ghosts!

The neighbor girl said she had never frosted cookies before, and never made or had homemade cookies.  Now that was sad to me! Glad she came over and got to participate!


I've also been sewing a vest for my son's vampire costume.  The vest turned out great and looks perfect with the store bought vampire cape.  But unfortunately it's really too small for my son.  He can wear it, and already has to one event, but it really is too short.  My lack of experience in sewing clothes stuck out with this one!

009Miss K will be in her first play in November.  I took her to get her character shoes on Saturday.  She's practicing walking on them...she needs a lot of practice...she's pretty wobbly! But she looks so grown up in them!


em's scrapbag said...

Love the Halloween cookies. We make sugar cookies for the holidays also.

diane said...

Fabulous shoes for Miss K. Love.

We Six Nasons said...

You certainly have been busy. I hope that you will get some quilting/knitting/cardmaking in some time soon! I always look forward to seeing what you are making.

Marilyn said...

Such fun times! Love your story about the sugar cookies--and they look really yummy too:)

Jenny said...

Your cookies look yummy. I will be sewing on a couple of last min things for Halloween tonight after work. It is fun to see what your making.

This is funny the word verification is Caked! LOL