Friday, December 18, 2009

Fabric and Chocolate...what could be better?

008 011We had our little quilt group party last night which included lots of yummy food, laughter, and a gift exchange.  You know the kind where you can steal each other's gifts.  Here's what I brought.  A fabric basket with some fat quarters and some See's candy.
Click on the link above for the pattern.  It's super easy and cute and was all the rage 6 months ago.  Everyone was making them.  I finally found a good excuse to try one.  Thanks Ayumills!
And here's what I came home with:
Everyone was so generous and now I have some fun new toys to play with!


ferntyler said...

i LOVE that fabric basket - so cute! I think I"m going to try to make some of those for my kids..

kate said...

Love that bag/basket!!!

The Gibbs Family said...

I'm so glad I stole it from Yolanda! I love my little basket and the fabric is really darling. Love it! And the kids were dying to have some of the chocolate so the nice mommy that I am, I shared. Great posts Tina.

em's scrapbag said...

Wow those are great! What were the rules for your exchange? I'm thinking it would be fun for my quilt guild next year.

Kim W said...

You know, your pick of fabrics is always just perfect. Love the basket! Great idea for next year. :)

Shasta said...

That's a pretty fabric basket. I made one in the summer. Those are wonderful gifts you got there.