Friday, March 5, 2010

Harry Potter Birthday Party


(I'm finally reporting on the birthday!)

Miss K loves everything Harry Potter.  So we had a HP birthday party this year.  How appropriate, since she is turning 11 and that's the age when all young wizards start attending Hogwarts.

Here's what we did just in case you have someone in your household who loves Harry Potter too:

Setting:  The girls were coming as young wizards to check out the school and go through a sample day at Hogwarts to see what it is like.  We gave them a class schedule when they arrived:


We started with Muggle Languages class which was basically Mad Libs.  We made up some Mad Libs that we used later in Divination class. So the girls provided the nouns, verbs, etc. for their "fortunes" later.  But they didn't know that!

Next for Potions Class the girls helped make some "Butterbeer" Homemade rootbeer.  We colored some sugar and called it things like:  "star dust" and "troll ear wax."


The Potions class was a big hit!IMG_8368

And it made the house smell really good!

Next we had Transfigurations Class where the girls changed some fleece into Gryffindor scarves. 


And then we took a class picture:


And had Quidditch practice.    IMG_8375

They had to bounce the balloon on their broom and then pass it to the next player through the hoop.

After Quidditch we had Divination Class.  We took the mad libs from the beginning of the party and cut them into strips and put them on the back of paper leaves.  They took turns picking a tea leaf and having their fortune told.  (they were pretty funny!)


Then the girls got to taste the Bertie Botts Every Flavor beans.  After they chose one and tasted it, they had to guess the flavor (they tried to avoid the flavors like dirt and earwax!).  We checked the chart to see if they got it right.


Finally we had the Feast (lunch)

IMG_8394 Miss K wanted "breadstick wands".


And End of the Year Party (gifts and cake).

IMG_8406 IMG_8417Then for the Yule Ball the girls played freeze dance until their parents came to pick them up.

It turned out to be a very fun party, the girls seemed to have a great time!  They went home with their Gryffindor scarf and a bag of Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans. 

My fun and creative husband was the mastermind behind most of these activities with a lot of input from Miss K herself.

Happy Birthday sweetie!!!

(Thanks Michelle for the Hermione was a great touch and really made her feel special.  I still need to get it back to you!!!  Hope you can use some of our ideas.)


Trisha said...

What a creative and fun party! What a lucky girl to have such an awesome birthday. I bet all the girls had an great time!

Emily said...

This is the coolest b-day party I've ever seen!!!!!

Marilyn said...

Fun, fun, fun!! You are so creative:)

conner posse said...

Wow. You're GOOD. I am way too lazy to put on a party that awesome. Haha! I've got two parties this month and I am going to follow the KISS rule (keep it simply, silly). :o) Katie is lucky to have such a creative, fun, involved, cute mama!

Heather said...

I am loving this amazing party you threw! I am so impressed with all of the attention to details!