Friday, April 2, 2010

Mini QT Swap - In Person!!!

My latest swap partner just happens to live less than an hour away!  So we decided to get together and swap our mini quilts in person. 


Here's my little package all ready to drive up to the mall to meet for lunch!  The theme for this month was Spring.  I used a Hunky Dory charm pack for the quilt and a little bit of the left overs in the fabric basket.

We met for lunch and had such a great time chatting and getting to know one another.  It was so much fun!  After lunch we opened the packages that we brought for each other.

She opened her's first, and this is what I gave to her.  (I snatched this picture from her since I never really got a good picture of the finished quilt!)

And I opened mine and Wow!  What beautiful stitching she did for me!

IMG_8534 IMG_8533  She included some other goodies too!  And as you can see she made me a needle case out of the same fabric I used for her quilt!  So fun!


I'm so glad we got matched up, now I have a new friend!4480553560_aee255c092_b  I just got my partner for April and she also lives in the area.  This is just too fun!


Anonymous said...

Look at the hand stitching! I am totally in awe of anyone who can finish a project by hand. You are both very lucky recipients!

Jenny said...

The had stitching is amazing. How fun for you to swap in person.

Dani - tkdchick said...

Wow how awesome and you're both very creative!

Deb said...

That hand stitching is beautiful, but you each gave the other wonderful things! How much fun to actually swap in person.

Trisha said...

What a great exchange! The quilt you made for her and the basket are so cute. Here stitching is amazing! How fun to get to meet in person!!

Siobhan said...

That is seriously SO cute--both exchanges. Wow. Lucky duo! ;)

We Six Nasons said...

I agree, that is just too much fun! What beautiful doll quilts you have both made. I love them both. You make me want to try another doll quilt swap.

Karen said...

It was a lot of fun Tina! I'm so glad we got matched up too! My little quilt is still out on the table even though it's past Easter!