Monday, June 7, 2010


We have 2 Promotions in our house this week.  Miss K from 5th grade.  And our son from 8th. 

We always like to hang streamers in the bedroom doorway to celebrate birthdays and such.  So here’s what I did for Miss K.

IMG_9106 IMG_9102

She was happy to wake up to her graduation streamers.  She has been at the same elementary school for 8 years: 2 years of preschool and then K-5.  She’s always reminding us!  So I made a sign for each year and a graduation hat and scroll for each year.

For our Son I did a different graduation cap and letters spelling congratulations going down the streamer.



Hopefully I didn’t wake him up taking a picture :D


Trisha said...

Congrats to K and A! That is so exciting and the homemade streamers are awesome!

Laura said...

We're certainly going to miss that Miss K at our school. Congrats on promotion!