Tuesday, September 7, 2010



Lots of deadlines met today.  So I’m celebrating meeting them all and getting projects crossed off my list!

Tonight is card exchange and here are my cards, all ready to swap.  My card drawer is seeming a bit empty.  I guess I can blame that on missing card group last time (too much going on to participate), only swapping 1 card a couple times instead of 2, and giving away more cards than I am making!  I’ve got to stock up for Christmas gifts!  Not much time left for that.

Also got my DQS9 quilt off in the mail today!  Now I’m watching my mailbox closely wondering when mine will show up.  Can’t wait to find out who made me a quilt!

I also completed a little job I have of maintaining a craft show mailing list today and got the goods delivered.

Can’t wait to show you all the cute cards I get tonight.

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