Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Great Mail Day!

I participated in Doll Quilt Swap 9.  Remember?  I sent this quilt to Karen in PA. The mailing date was Sept 1 for international, and Sept 8 for domestic mailings.

Well, the quilt sent to me seemed to be taking it’s time coming to me, so I figured it was coming from an international destination.  I was told it WAS coming.  So I was anxiously waiting, and waiting, and waiting. 

Finally yesterday TWO packages arrived on my doorstep.  Almost 2 months later.IMG_0221

My DQS9 quilt came from Vancouver, Canada.  It just got stuck along the way.  Karen, from Canada, must have been going crazy wondering where it was!


What a cool quilt she sent.  She was inspired by my flickr image galleries and created this wonderful work of art.


I love daisies and check out all those french knots she made for the center of the flower!  I can’t imagine how long that took!

Are you wondering about the second package?  Well, the swap mamas must have determined that they would send me an angel quilt since my LOVE quilt was taking so long to arrive.  Can you believe both quilts ended up arriving on the same day?

Carol is the amazing artist who made this pinwheel flower angel quilt and sent it to me.  Wasn’t that so sweet of her?


They are both up on my walls now. 


Thank you again Karen and Carol!  I just love them both!


Trisha said...

Wow! Two great quilts. I'm not the one who had to wait but I bet it was worth it!

Marilyn said...

Oh wow, what are the chances of receiving two such lovely doll quilts! I'm glad you're finished waiting and can just enjoy them--I bet they look great on the wall!

upstateLisa said...

Wow! you really hit the jack pot! they are both great! enjoy.