Tuesday, June 7, 2011

june 7.high angle

Laundry.  I can’t say that I enjoy it.  But it’s one of those things that’s got to be done if you want clean underwear…and eventually any clothes to wear at all.

I really can’t complain.  I don’t have to do too much sorting of clean clothes.  It’s just the two of us. No guessing whose socks belong to whom, and does this t-shirt belong to you…or did you grow out of it and pass it on to #2? 

Yes, I’ve still got kids at home.  I’m just one of those mean moms that makes her kids do their own laundry once they turn 12.  I’m not very good about making my kids do chores…but this is one thing I’ve been consistent with.  That, and clean bathrooms and bedrooms on Saturdays.

But once summer break rolls around, which will start next week, chores will be a more regular occurrence around here.  Gotta keep ‘em busy over the summer, right?

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