Monday, June 13, 2011

Thanks Mom!

Unfortunately I don’t have a “before” picture.  This is the best I’ve got:


My Mom was so kind and gave her old sewing machine and cabinet to Miss K.  We’ve been giving it a new colorful life and today we reassembled it and put it to use!

Miss K is so excited!  She already made a drawstring glasses holder for her brother today and has big plans to sew a make-up bag for a friend, and a skirt for herself.


She even loves it all closed up as a desk.  She made herself a paper name plaque, she looks so official.  Her stack of lined paper and a pencil pouch are all ready to be used.  It’s not surprising, office supply stores are her favorite place to hang out!  (She’s a proud owner of her own Staples Rewards Card!)


We Six Nasons said...

I love her new sewing cabinet. It is perfect! I can see why she likes it. Maybe that is what I need to get for my daughter...

ferntyler said...

that turned out so cute! the color is perfect - not too bright, but very fun :)