Friday, March 30, 2012

Sampler Class - March

We worked on applique for March’s Sampler class.  Here are 2 of my blocks.  I still need to do 2 more:  duplicates of these in different fabrics.

   IMG_2220 (2)

I learned some new tricks to make them come together better.  Gluing them (with Roxanne’s Glue-Baste-It ) in place instead of pinning really helps!  And using a light box for placement also helps.  I’ve got my third block all glued in place, so I’m ready to stitch. 


I’ve just finished up my quilt for DQS12.  I can’t believe we are on round 12! I started on round 4 and have participated in each round since.  Here’s my quilt for this round.  Time to get it in the mail. 

And here’s the label for the back.  The name is hidden so I can keep it’s recipient a secret for a little while longer.


em's scrapbag said...

Your applique blocks look lovely. I really like the one with the blue. And your doll quilts is fabulous. I'm sure the person who gets it will love it.

We Six Nasons said...

I think I also participated in dqs4. You have really stuck with it! Your swap partner will your Love your quilt, it is lOvely!

Deb said...

Your blocks really look great. I'm about to start some applique and I'll take your advise on the basting glue. I would think that the glue would work better than pins.