Friday, May 4, 2012

DQS12 Update

I can’t believe I never posted about the quilt that arrived for me!  Here it is.  It came from Beth.  I’ve admired her work for a while now on flickr. What a fun little quilt to receive!

The quilt I sent out is apparently supposed to be coming back to me since the partner I made it for could not continue participating in the swap because of some things going on in her life right now.  It hasn’t arrived yet…I’ll have to figure out who to give it to instead….

I’m making cards and working on my sampler blocks for the month.  I’ll post those soon.  Happy Friday!

1 comment:

Shayla Sharp said...

Oh, that is a cute one! The quilt you made is awesome--and the greedy side of me says send it my way, lol! It is your partner's loss but someone else will be thrilled! :)