Sunday, December 2, 2012


Well hello there!  I totally missed all of November here on the blog!

I better get caught up! Let’s start with the end of October.  Here are our jack-o-lanterns that we carved.  We had a my little pony pumpkin, a Cinderella pumpkin, and just a cute face. Halloween was a scattered evening for our family, everyone having different things to do that night.  But we had fun carving pumpkins together a few days before.


The marching band once again took top honors at the final band review.  Go AJ!  We love spending the day once a year at this exciting competition. It looks pretty dry here, but we were definitely soggy by the end of the day from all the rain.


Miss K is turning into such a lovely lady…here she is at the Evening of Excellence at church.  She has worked so hard to improve her life and she is incorporating wonderful values in her life, and she sees the benefit they are making!


Card exchange group for November produced these fun Holiday cards:

And I participated in the Bitty Block Committee’s Winter/Christmas and Fall 3.5 inch block swaps.  Here are my contributions:  Ribbon Blocks and Fall Leaves.


I’ve got more to show and tell, but that’s it for now!  Hope you are having a wonderful December!

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