Monday, November 17, 2014


Life took over.  Creativity took a back seat.  And I think I lost a part of myself in the process.  But I'm finding that part again.  And it feels great!

It's amazing what creating does for me.  It really brings me happiness.  I'm hoping to be back in this space sharing my creations because it makes me happy.

I've been working on a few different things that I'll show you.  But for daughter started her second trimester of her sophomore year in high school and asked if I'd make her a pencil case.  She chose the fabrics and zipper from my stash.  It was so fun to make!

My google search brought me to this tutorial, which I loosely followed.  I'm so glad I stopped whatever I was doing and sewed this up for her.  So fun.


FrauGibbs said...

Oh my gosh Tina!!! I'm so happy to see you blogging again! And guess what? I was wanting a pencil case tutorial because I bought some colored pencils for my nieces for Christmas and thought, "I should make some pencil cases!" Yours turned out so cute! I'm so making these this weekend and then I'll post on my blog too. ;) I'm inspired.

conner posse said...

I know this is from a super long time ago, but I am just now catching up (how sad is that?)!! What a CUTE pencil case! You are oh-so-talented. xoxo