Friday, June 6, 2008

Chip Board Gift Tag

With school coming to an end we are working on a gift for the teacher which we will give her next week. I've been lucky enough to share "room mom" responsibilities with two other fabulous moms so it's been an easy job.

We are putting together a fun tote full of things to help her have a great summer off of school. On the tote will hang this little chip board gift tag. The front says: "Things to do this summer... " and each tag will represent a little gift from inside the tote. For "go to the beach" there will be some sunscreen and a beach towel, "go shopping" will be a visa gift card, etc. You get the idea. We hope she'll like it! (How could she not?)

So here's how I made the tags:

I went to my local scrapbook store and got some supplies: paper, chip board, and glue.

I cut the 12x12 paper into 8 1/2 x 11 inch sheets. (the selection of 8 1/2 x 11 inch sheets at the store weren't very good) I printed the words onto the paper from the computer.

I traced around the chip board stars (being careful to center the lettering) and then cut them out a little bit inside the line. I punched a hole with my tiny hole punch where I had marked with a pencil through the hole of the chip board pattern. I used Tombo Mono Multi liquid glue. The applicator made it easy to spread the glue across the whole surface of the chip board.

After I got all the fronts glued down I put a matching piece of paper on the back.

I put the chain that came with it back through the hole. And voila! it's ready to hang on that cute tote and be given to the teacher. She's all set to have a great summer!


Maree said...

WOW! That's a GREAT idea!!! I wish you'd posted this earlier, because Toph's class was looking for ideas. Very clever!!! Hmmmm....this would make a great "just expecting" or baby shower gift too.

ferntyler said...

wow - that is super cute. Do you collect money from the class for the gifts, or did you have people send gift things in? why can't I have you as my co-room mom?

Tina said...

Yes, we collect money from the class. But inevitably we end up pitching in a little more, we'll see how much money we end up collecting this time. People are always late sending in the money. Wouldn't that be fun? Too bad our girls aren't the same age!

Harper Family said...

I'm so impressed with your teacher's gift and your blog is very nice.

Jen said...

You are so talented! I am so glad you are sharing your fun ideas with us.

Johnna said...

creative as usual. and so cute!

TLC said...

What a great gift idea! So cute!

Bartlett Fam said...

so cute! another thing you can do is... sand the edges to give them a worn look. it looks really cute like that!
how are you?