Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Gifts in the Mail!

In the last couple days I have received some fun gifts in the mail! amandajean sent me an adorable pincushion for commenting on her blog:

Thanks amandajean, I love it!

And I received my Pay It Forward gift from my sister, a sashiko pincushion kit from Shibori Dragon. I am having fun doing the hand stitching on it and can't wait to sew it up into a pincushion! Thanks Sis!

Click here for a picture of my sister's finished sashiko pincushion.

I'm getting quite a collection of pincushions, so fun! Time to buy some new pins. I've been getting by with applique pins for all my pinning needs and those pins are very small!

Today I spent a fun day making bread with a friend and then going to the beach together afterward with our kids. Hope your day was good too.


Randi said...

What a great pincushion! Crazy mom makes the prettiest thing!

Lovely beach picture too!

Jacquie said...

Totally cute pincushion and just the size I need! I bought a sashiko book...on my list of things to learn. Your stitching looks wonderful.

diane said...

I love the posie pincushion!

dianna said...

That is so cute. I like the button in the middle

Donna said...

Lovely pincushion. I have been liking the Fons and Porter extra long glass head pins. They go on sale a lot too.

amandajean said...

you are so welcome!