Monday, July 21, 2008

Top Ten Gets Them Their Way

My kids have a new approach to getting their way. They make top ten lists for why they should get to do something.

Here are a couple examples:


These are 10 good reasons we should get to go to chucky cheeses...

1. Their pizza is great!

2. It's a good pasttime.

3. It's extremely fun and safe.

4. You can get prizes!

5. They have the best playset in the world!

6. It's awesome!

7. Me and R have not been there in a long time!

8. Chucky gives out free tickets!

9. You can buy candy.

10. We love it!

and this one... (they got even better at it the second time)

10 Great Reasons to go Ice Skating

1. It is really HOT.

2. Good exercise because we did not go running.

3. It is so so so so so so much fun.

4. We need to practice our ice skating skills.

5. We haven't been in a really, really long time.

6. If we don't go we will be really bored.

7. That is the best place to get our energy out.

8. We love it there.

9. It will give you time to read. (nice touch!)

10. We really want to go.

Both times it got them their way. And for some reason they write them on small paper plates?


TLC said...

That is too funny!

ferntyler said...

hilarious - I love it when they get old enough to recognize the value of you being able to read a book, etc.. Brooke the other day used that when she wanted to go someplace when she said, "I think your friends are going, then you can just sit and talk to your friends :)"

diane said...

That is brilliant. I love the spelling.

dianna said...

They found how to reach you. Very cute!

Donna said...

Cute plates. That will be fun to scrapbook. Thanks for the comments on my blog. I had a lot of fun making your sister's quilts. You are lucky to have such a great relationship

amandajean said...

oh, that is adorable! how could you not give in to that?