Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Summer Fun

We went to the county fair yesterday. We waited for number 1 son to get home from summer school and spent the rest of the day riding on rides, eating all sorts of food (good tasting but very bad for you!), checking out the home arts and photography exhibits (sorry they weren't allowing pictures), and viewing people's crazy collections. We also saw some pig races and some truck races.

Here are some sights from the day:

(We happened to be walking by when a friend of mine was standing by the bungie jumping area. Her son was about to jump! So we got to witness him bungie jumping!)

The best part of the day was when we got to see Weird Al Yankovic perform in the grandstand. Here's a picture the stage when he was singing "The Saga Begins." As you can see there were storm troopers on the stage. Weird Al is just sooo funny and soooo talented. We were laughing so hard at all his parodies. My boys were singing along to some of the ones they knew, like Amish Paradise, White and Nerdy, Eat it, and Fat. My middle son says they should have a Guitar Hero game dedicated to his music, but it would be Accordian Hero!


Maree said...

Oh, my kids LOVE LOVE LOVE Weird Al! White and Nerdy is Hannah's favorite song! I think we would have gone JUST to see Weird Al!

ferntyler said...

that is so funny - I didn't even know weird al was still alive! I bet that was so funny, I love when something makes you laugh so hard you can't help yourself, looks like a fun day!

diane said...

Oh did you eat food on a stick?!

Conner Posse said...

What a fun day!! How cool, to see Weird Al, LIVE!! Were you star-struck? :o)