Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Miss K Designs

My daughter, the designer! After school yesterday Miss K got out some paper and designed a quilt block. Then she proceeded to get into my stash and pick out some fabrics. It looked like she was determined to make her design a reality, so I cut the fabric for her and she sewed it together. She did a great job! What a great little seamstress she is!

And of course, in pure Miss K style, she wanted to give it away as soon as it was made. She seemed to know exactly who she wanted to give it to, and so tonight we delivered the pillow to it's new owner. And we even got to ride in the elevator while we were there :o).


ferntyler said...

that is so cool - both the design and the ride in the elevator :)

diane said...

I feel so lucky to be the owner of an original Miss K design. She is a great elevator operator too!

quilterpolly said...

very lucky to whoever got the pillow and what a great job she did. She was on a mission:)

Jenny said...

I love the design and the fabric. It turned out beautifully. It's fun to see the creativity of these amazing kids!