Saturday, October 25, 2008

Tablerunner: done!

With Halloween coming up in less than a week, I wanted to get my tablerunner done so it could spend a little time on the table. Truth is, I'll probably leave it there throughout the Fall season. Some of the fabrics are very Halloween themed, but most are just great Fall colors and designs.

I wish I could tell you my table looks like this, all pretty and decorated for Fall.

But the reality is that my son has a big research paper he is working on, so it's littered with books, papers, and notecards:

That's ok, I'm just so glad that I finally got it done and now I can enjoy it. It is fun to work on a themed quilt project during or right before a holiday/season. It kinda gets you in the spirit. And I can't believe I can keep it and it's not for someone else! I'm not very good without a deadline. So Halloween proved to be a good deadline for this tablerunner.

The deadline for my ALQS quilt is coming up very fast. I'd better get going on that one!

Quilt Sighting: I was at a friend's house this week and spotted this really cool little quilt she had on her table. A friend made it for her. I couldn't stop admiring it, and luckily I had my camera in my purse!

As I type I'm sitting outside (gotta love the laptop!). It's amazingly warm and pleasant out here. My daughter is sitting in the tree in the front yard singing High School Musical Songs. We are going to see HSM3 on Monday after school. I got her the soundtrack on Friday, but she doesn't want to listen to it until after she sees the movie. Such a funny girl.

Today we've got a band competition to attend...can't wait to see what all the high schools have come up with this year for their show! Grandpa is here visiting us and our warm weather.


TLC said...

Your runner is so cute!! I am so busy with swaps and our ward's DI quilt project that I don't think I will get to mine. Bummer! Have a fun day!

Rebecca said...

fabulous table runner! what's the pattern called?

diane said...

I love the runner. You did a great job! I clicked on it to get a closer look. The fabrics are darling!

Tina said...

Thanks guys! There is no pattern. I just took 5 inch squares from a charm pack and matched them up light and dark and made half square triangles. Then I placed the half square triangles in a zig zag pattern coming out from the center. Glad you like it!

Jenny said...

Great table runner! I love the fabrics. My two girls are learning to sew. I'll be helping them make table runners soon.

We Six Nasons said...

Great job on the table runner. Very clever pattern and love the fabrics. I hope that you and your laptop have a nice day.

Sherri said...

I really love this fall runner! It is adorable!