Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day

Look what arrived just in time for Election Day! This very patriotic little quilt is all mine. Dorothy from Vermont made it for me for "Another Little Quilt Swap - round 2." I love it!

I was just at the post office sending my ALSQ2 quilt off to it's new owner...

I just love the idea of all these little quilts being sent back and forth. Now I've completed ALQS2, I'm almost done (just need a label) for DQS5 (due Dec 1). I wouldn't want to be without a swap :0), so I signed up for "The Challenge In A Bag Mini Quilt Swap." The due date isn't until Jan 26. This one is a little different from the swaps I've been doing.

All the swappers are paired up. So partners are not a secret this time. We fill up a bag with fabric and embellishments and send it off to our partner by Nov 30. We then make a mini quilt with the contents of the other person's bag, and send the finished quilt back to it's owner by Jan 26. What a fun challenge to use someone else's fabric and embellishments to make them a little quilt.
I am thinking of sending some of the fabric from my ALQS2 quilt along with some buttons from my stash, and some embroidery thread. Maybe I'll stop at the store tomorrow and see if there's anything else I can add to the bag. I hope my partner will enjoy working with the stuff I pick out!

Be sure to make some time to get to the polls today!


Gina said...

Love waht you've chosen for the swap.

love and hugs gina xxx

ferntyler said...

those fabrics are so pretty on the green one in the middle - is that embroidered flowers on that middle-ish row? that looks really cool!

quilterpolly said...

love your fabrics:) quilt is awesome:)

jacquie said...

your little zig zag is so darling...i think that's embroidery in the middle...really adds a nice touch.

randi---i have to say said...

Lovely, lovely quilts! I think it sounds fun to send someone fabric and to let them be creative with it. I am sure the completed project is surprising and fun!

diane said...

The patriotic quilt is so fun.

I love how your zigzag quit turned out. The fabrics are so cool and soothing.

I can't wait to see what you come up with next.