Sunday, February 22, 2009

Double Digits


Happy Birthday to my sweet and feisty Miss K. We had a dance party at our house for her birthday.

018 035

She wanted to decorate her own cake this year:


We put together some fun goodie bags:


Everyone brought CDs and we played Twister, freeze dance, limbo and made sure we played a little music from everyone's CDs.

040 044

We had pizza, cake, ice cream, lots of soda and fruit punch. And a lot of giggling and being silly.


She was definitely in charge, and made sure it was a fun birthday party for all involved.

Now she's double digits just like her brothers!


Mendenhalls said...

I can't believe she's ten! These kids are growing way too fast! Happy Birthday!!!

Sunshine said...

Happy Birthday, K!!

We Six Nasons said...

Happy Birthday! Sounds like you had a great party.

conner posse said...

That is so crazy that she's 10! Sheeeesh!! Happy (unfortunately, belated) b-day to Katie!! What a fun partayy!!