Monday, February 16, 2009


Got a two mile run in this morning with J. He enjoys mountain biking much more, but it was fun to show him where I run and to do it with him. He was nice and ran my speed. We were lucky and it didn't rain, but it's been raining on and off ever since.

A few days ago J ran with my oldest. Now THAT was definitely a work out for him. He over did it trying to keep up with Speedster.

It's a rainy day, so we haven't been able to do the things we would usually on a day off. No geocaching, biking, or playing outside.

But my oldest did go and get his swimming merit badge today in this crazy weather, I think the rain stopped just for him. Anything to get out of doing it at the Merit Badge Jamboree I guess. Thanks Tom and Justin!

And we had some friends over to play.


Meanwhile I've been doing a little sewing today. Here are some parts to a little quilt for a swap. Can't show much more than this yet. But it's coming together nicely.


diane said...

I hope he didn't get hypothermia.

em's scrapbag said...

Congrats on your sons merit badge. I need to get my youngest son working on that one. My older two have thankfully earned their eagles. Two down one to go. Yea!

3WimmerBoys said...

How fun to run with Ben, maybe someday I can get Jacob out there with me. Some of our best family times were when we all went out for a run together.