Friday, February 13, 2009

Wow, I can't believe it!


The quilt I just finished and was going to mail to my brother and sister in law unexpectedly made it safely right from my hands to his yesterday. It was a small miracle how everything worked out.

At Thanksgiving I told them I'd make them a quilt for Christmas but quickly realized there was no way I could actually make a quilt by Christmas. So I told them I'd do it after Christmas, and since they were buying their first home, it could be a housewarming gift also.


I started it in January and finished putting the binding on it Tuesday night. Wednesday morning I sent a picture of the finished quilt to my Mom so she could see how it turned out. She emailed me back saying that she heard that my brother was in town on business! How perfect is that? I knew I just had to get it to him somehow.

I called him on his mobile, but he didn't answer, so I just left him a message. I wasn't sure if he was still here or had already gone home. So I called his wife and she told me that he was still here and told me to text him. As soon as I did I heard right back from him. And it sounded like I'd probably have to meet him at the airport, but he didn't text me back what time. (those business meetings are always getting in the way of the important stuff :o) ).


At about 1:40 he called and said they were headed to the airport to try to get an earlier flight out (the original flight was at 5pm). Meanwhile I had been sewing the label on and was about half done. I had to think fast, could I make it to the airport and still have time to pick up my kids from school etc.? I decided to try it, finished sewing the label on and was in the car 10 minutes later. The airport is 30 minutes away.


Luckily there wasn't bad traffic or anything and when I was about 5 minutes away he called and said he had just arrived at the airport and told me where to meet him at the curb. When I got there I jumped out of the car, showed him the quilt, and gave him a ton of hugs. I was so excited to be able to give the quilt to him in person after working on it for so long and just finishing it that day!

I jumped back in my car at 2:30 and headed back home. My son called at 2:40, just as I was getting back on the freeway. He was ready to be picked up. Luckily he's old enough (high school) to wait for me. And as soon as I got him home it was just about time to pick up my daughter and her friend who had stayed after school for a clay class.


Amazing how the timing worked out. If it had been any later I'm not sure I could have driven out there to give it to him.

I hope he and his wife love it. They just bought their first home and are moving in with their 4 kids this weekend. So Merry Christmas to them and Happy Housewarming!


Ahfat said...

The quilt is lovely. I like the colour combination and backing fabric. Great job!

Kim W said...

That is an awesome quilt! The design is really pretty! I love the red and brown. I'm sure your bro and sil will love it!

diane said...

I love how modern and graphic it is. The fabrics are cool too. I'm so glad you got to give it to him in person. What a great story.

Katie said...

So beautiful! And how lucky you get to give it to your brother in person! That makes it so much better!

Anne Ida said...

What a pretty quilt! Love the colours, and there is something so appealing in the stict lines of the pattern :o) I'm sure your brother and sister in law will enjoy it for years to come!

Trisha said...

I am so behind in reading blogs. You have been busy with lots of posts. The quilt is GORGEOUS!! How could they not love it?

domoshar said...

Lovly quilt!
And nice story with happy hugging end! It is a special gift and this story makes it even more special.

Shasta said...

This is a beautiful quilt - love the color combination! That certainly was wonderful timing.