Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Miss K Designs has been at it again.  She loves holidays, and St. Patrick's day is no different!  She even pinched me this morning before I even got dressed! I was minding my own business, wrapped up in a red and yellow quilt, reading blogs.

She is a firm believer in leprechauns.  Every year she sets up a little "house" for them:


They've even got food and some water, a nice comfy bed, and a highchair for the baby.

She sacrifices some of her Kelly Doll clothes so that they'll have something new to wear.


Should I be encouraging this?  She is 10 after all.   She was disappointed this morning when there was no evidence that they had visited or eaten the food.  But she was sure she heard their footsteps in the garage!  And she was sure they'd visit while she was gone at school.

I'm wondering if they should make an appearance today or not...hmmmm...


Sarah C said...

Even if is is 10 I think it is fun to let her imagination run wild.

Too soon she will be swept up with the hassles of daily life, okay maybe not that soon, and wont be interested or have the time for fun little things like this.

I remember my mom would come to our school and help stage our classrooms with green paint each year to make us think the leprechauns had come. It was such a fun memory for me.

So my vote is to have the leprechauns stop by while she is at school!!!

Alicia said...

Encourgage away! You're only a kid once!