Sunday, June 7, 2009

Quilt Class

I had my beginning quilting class.  Thanks to all those that helped me out and to those who attended my class!  My fear was that I would try to share too much information and overwhelm the attendees...and I think I might have done just that.  Darn!

You should have seen the big stack of quilts I brought with me!  It was hard because there were classes before and after me in the same class, so getting in and getting set up and organized in time was challenging. 

But I had fun and hopefully the attendees got something out of it! 

Welcome to those from my class who are visiting my blog for the first time!  You must go down to a previous post by clicking here and check out the great advice that fellow bloggers shared for beginning quilters.  I may have covered some of the advice, but I know I didn't cover all of it.  So be sure to check that out!

There was a lot of amazing art displayed.  Here's just a snapshot of mine hanging up...along with some other quilts... I wish I had taken more pictures!


Look at that dinky little quit!

(It's only taken me more than 24 hours to finish this post and get it online.  Crazy, busy time with school ending all that comes with it! Tomorrow we've got Gold Rush Day!)


diane said...

I'm glad it all went so well. The quilts look great.

Now will you teach a summer sewing class for teens?

*katie* said...

You did great! I'm glad I was able to make it. And really, truly, I'm so excited to get going on my quilts! I can't wait until I'm able to make quilts like you....although, it may not happen in this lifetime:)

Trisha said...

I wish I could have been there! I need way more details. Let's talk via the phone soon!!