Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Happy Houses!


Life is a bit chaotic right now, no time for blogs, or facebook...but I wanted to drop in and show this very cute and adorable little quilt that I received from a quilt angel.

She made it for me because it was feared that the quilt that was intended for me in a swap was not going to make it. 

Doesn't she make the cutest little quilty houses?  I love lucky I was to receive it.  Thank you angel!


diane said...

She is an angel. So cute. The quilt is heavenly.

Anonymous said...

It is so cute!

jacquie said...

so sweet! i love the quilt that ralitza sent you too. lucky you.

Sarah said...

it was a pleasure to make! i'm glad you like it!

This and That said...

Ooo...I like ! I've always wanted to do house, but not the traditional ones. These are great ! Is there s pattern ?