Thursday, July 23, 2009


It's that time again...Doll Quilt Swap 7 is upon us. I'm all signed up and waiting with anticipation to find out who my secret partner is. I should hear any time now!

3726858612_48cf9fb4efThen I'll stalk his/her flickr and blog to find out what sort of little quilt I might make.

I've put together a little mosaic of some little quilts I've been admiring for MY soon-to-be-partner to get an idea of what I like: (gotta make the stalking worth it for them right?)


There are plenty of other ideas in my flickr favorites. I love all sorts of quilts. If it's little, and it's a quilt, I'll probably love it :D.

Let the fun begin!


Shasta said...

It is a great idea to show a collage of the quilts you like. Quite the variety of cute quilts there!

diane said...

So cute and clever. That little bird is so sweet and I love the tiny chair.

Marilyn said...

Can you believe it's been only less than a year since we met through DQS4?! That was a really special one for me since it was my first doll quilt swap:) I love the one you made for me as much today as I did the day it arrived!
Wonderful choices in your quilt mosaic:)