Friday, July 24, 2009

June's Nine Patches - 3 by 3 Swap


My June nine patch blocks arrived from the 3 by 3 swap!  Thanks Anina. I was worried because I thought they might be lost in the mail...but they showed up yesterday.  These blocks are going to make a fun scrappy quilt.  One more month of swapping and I'll have about 48 blocks to play with.

Here are my July blocks...gotta get them finished and in the mail! 


Miss K and I had a picnic lunch today after her Theater Arts camp.  She's been going all week, and has another week to go with the big show on Friday. The ducks at the pond were happy to see us and the bread we brought for them!

059 057

066There were even turtles in the water.  They snapped up the bread whenever they got the chance. We loved seeing the little ducklings too! 



diane said...

Love the pink and black combo.

What a relaxing way to spend the afternoon.

Is that one of your quilts you are sitting on?

Kim W said...

I am loving the 9 patch blocks. I think I'm going to do that with my denim quilt that was "going to be ready to use this summer". Ha! Ok, how about ready by next summer?! Goals are still goals, even if they are flexible on deadlines, right?!

We Six Nasons said...

Great looking blocks you have there! You are going to have a fun quilt when it is all done. I would love to sit at the pond and feed the ducks too. So relaxing. I love the pink and black nine-patches you are making.

jacquie said...

how fun!! i wish i would have gotten in on this. the pink and black is pretty fab too.

Valerie said...

Love the scrappy quilt! Looks like a fun afternoon by the pond . . . ahh, so soothing.

randi said...

What a great swap! A little bit of everyone's style in one quilt! Fun!

Tina said...

Ok, so we found out that feeding ducks is against the law now...ooops. Guess we won't be doing that anymore.

Karen said...

Great June nine patches and I love your July block. Pink and black very pretty!