Friday, July 31, 2009

It's a Party!!!

Our boys are on a Scout High Adventure this week.  So it was the perfect week for friends from Arizona to come for a visit!  Miss K has been in heaven having one of her best friends here all week.  We've been swimming, to the beach, ice skating, etc. etc. all while Miss K is attending a half day theater arts camp every day.  The big show is tonight!

Every night is a party...but last night it was official...there was even a poster on the wall to prove it!


These girls are so dang cute and we're so happy they get to spend some time together!


We Six Nasons said...

That is so cute! I wish I could remember those days better. I love the poster, did you and your daughter work on that together?

diane said...

I want to party myself silly!

Tina said...

To answer Karen's question: that was Miss K and her friend, they had such a fun time making the poster and planning their little party just for them.

Marilyn said...

L O V E the girls' poster!! And that sounds like a FUN party:) Glad you're having a girly week!

Marilyn said...

Actually I meant to say 'great girly week'...but it's always fun to have a girly week too, hehee!