Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving Food and Fun


Last Thanksgiving our whole family (almost) was able to be together.  It was so wonderful! 

This year was great too, but it was just us and my Dad.  It was so fun having him here for Thanksgiving!  Miss K drew him this picture.



We made these cute turkeys for our Thanksgiving Table.  Miss K actually had fun making them with her friend; I helped with the glue gun. 056

064She also made the name tags, the jello jigglers and the pasta salad. 

All these things helped her to have a fun Thanksgiving, since it's not her favorite holiday.  (she's not a big food person!)

Everyone helped out with the Thanksgiving Feast.  #1Son & Dad worked on the potatoes:


#2Son made the yams.  048

Grandpa helped with the clean up.  Everything was delish.  We were just disappointed that we left the green beans in the microwave! 


We also did gingerbread houses.  Miss K worked on hers with her friend and Grandpa.  Thanks Grandpa!  It turned out really cute. 

IMG_7973 (2)

For those that asked, we make our gingerbread house parts with a Pampered Chef stone.  Here it is filled with the gingerbread dough and ready to cook:


It's always tricky getting the house put together with the icing.  I need to remember to have the houses assembled a day ahead so they're ready to be decorated on Thanksgiving night.  That way the icing is all dry and the houses are nice and sturdy for decorating!  I love the smell of the gingerbread as it is baking!

If you celebrated Thanksgiving this week, I hope it was wonderful.  We all have so much to be thankful for!


em's scrapbag said...

Had a wonderful Thanksgiving with my parents. The boys were able to help grandpa put up lights after. So thankful for family. Looks like yours was wonderful also even if the beans hid out in the microwave.

Jenny said...

I have the same pampered chef ginger bread stone. I love it. Although I have not used it in a few years.