Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Music To My Ears

Still not much sewing going on around here.  I looked back and it's been since early October!  Maybe I just needed a break?  I'm feeling like it's time to get back to it though!  I've missed the creative outlet.


I had to capture this moment:  my kids practicing playing their saxophones together.  Actually big brother is helping out his little sis and supporting her in her practicing.


We get to go to a "Jazz Cafe" on Friday where his middle school jazz band will get to play with the high school jazz band.  And then on Saturday I get to go on a "date" with him to see a high school play with the other Moms and sons his age from church. 

I'm always glad for opportunities to pay a little extra attention to my middle child.

Marching band season has ended for my oldest.  We got to go on Monday for an end of the season celebration. What an amazing band program our high school has.

We are so blessed to have these exceptional music programs and opportunities for our kids.  It's great to see them all enjoying music so much.


diane said...

I get to go to the play too. It sounds like fun.

I miss having my kids play music around the house. Come to think of it I miss having my kids around the house.

I'm glad you are treasuring these moments because they end all too quickly.

em's scrapbag said...

Lucky you I love the sax. Tried to get my kids to play but none were interested. Bummer

Beth @ The Quilt Ladies said...

Just found your blog, very nice. Love the pictures.

Jenny said...

Love to hear a good sax playing.