Friday, April 23, 2010

I'm still here...


This is the only thing crafty that I can show you right now.  Pretty sad,  I know!

I had to bring a white elephant gift to a party so I prettied up this composition book I had.

I'd show you what I got in return...but as soon as I showed Miss K my white elephant gift she threw it away!  She said "trust me Mom, no one will want this!"  It was a cat statue with freaky eyes!

We had one week back at school after Spring Break and then last weekend I went with the rest of my siblings back home to visit my parents. 

We had such a fun, long reunion weekend playing games, laughing, visiting grandma, revisiting old stomping grounds, watching slides and going through old pictures.  We were snapping pictures of the slides projected up on a sheet!  Here's one of me that I got a kick out of!


I totally remember sitting under this hair dryer after my mom put my hair in pin curlers.  And here's a classic family picture.  Aren't we cute!

benson_tree1.jpg picture by nosne13

I'm working on a little embroidery right now, and loving it!  And I've got a mini quilt I just finished that needs to get in the mail.  So hopefully soon I'll have something more than old pictures to show!

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em's scrapbag said...

Oh I love old pictures. You look so cute under the hair dryer. I remember one of those when I was little.