Tuesday, April 27, 2010

April Swaps

I've joined up with the Mini QT Swap on Flickr.  We are matched up with a partner (each month that we want to participate) and we send a quilt between 6 and 12 inches to each other.  Each month there is a theme and April's was a mini coin quilt.  (remember March?)

Here's my mini coin:IMG_88462

My partner lives close by again, but we weren't able to get together to swap.  I just heard from her and she says that she received it and loves it.  (yay!)

This is the sneak peek she showed me of my quilt...can't wait to see the whole thing!

There are also other options.  One is 3.5 inch blocks.  So I signed up for that too.  And the theme was "camping".  Here's my interpretation:  roasting marshmallows!


Nine of us signed up, so I made 9 blocks.  I've heard from a few recipients and they seem to be happy with them.  So I'd say it was a successful month :).

I signed up for May too, but just for the 3.5 inch blocks this time.  The theme is black and white plus one color, we were all assigned a color and I got green. I squeaked in as the 16th member of the group.  So I'll be making 16-3.5 inch blocks in May.

My other May project is getting Miss K's class fundraiser quilt put together.  I've got the blocks the kids made, so now I just need to figure out a layout and get started!


em's scrapbag said...

I so want to make a coin quilt. Yours is adorable. And I love the marshmallows. What a great idea!

Michelle said...

I love those marshmallows!