Monday, May 3, 2010

Mini Coin and stuff...


Here's that little mini that was coming my way.   She put a little mini-me in the corner.  Isn't that clever? Love the colors and the fun quilting on it.


And check out the back!  An unexpected fun little surprise, hexagons all pieced!  Amazing.  Love it!  Thanks for making this little piece of art for me Lori!

On Saturday I snuck away with a friend to the Queen Bee Market, "a hip, modern, and fresh handmade art and gift show in the San Diego area."  I was just going to check it out, but I ended up purchasing some very cute items. 


Check out these cute "Baked Pins" from cremedelagems, and this fun necklace made from an original photograph and a scrabble tile from staceywinters.


I also picked up an adorable flower pin from thepleatedpoppy


which Miss K wore on Saturday and I wore on Sunday.  So it's already getting a lot of use!

It's really time to get going on Miss K's class quilt for their Open House Art Auction! 

That's coming up real soon.  I've been laying the blocks out on the floor in various configurations (who needs a design wall, psha!) and auditioning fabric for it.  IMG_8856

Now it's time to quit foolin' around and make something! (that was just a little pep talk for myself).

I'm off to cut fabric...and it's only 6:20am! Guess I should help get the kids off to school first!  


Alex said...

Awesome creations, as always :) I'm so glad to be blogging again, I really missed it.

Is that craft show open all the time or was it just an event. Sounds like a fun place to shop :)

Marilyn said...

What adorable finds from your shopping trip!
And the mini coin quilt with the mini-you is so fun!!
Can't wait to see the class quilt--you've got some amazing blocks to work with:)