Friday, July 9, 2010

Happy 20th To Us!

I’ve been back from my vacation for almost a week now, and I’m just getting around to posting about it.  For some reason it’s an overwhelming task.  We had such a great time in Canada…flew into Calgary and spent the following 4 nights: at Lake Louise, Banff, Kamloops and Vancouver. 

My husband was the amazing organizer of our vacation.  The five of us went to the airport Monday morning, flew out within 30 minutes of each other…the boys going to Salt Lake City, and the rest of us on a flight to Canada going through Phoenix.  We dropped Miss K off with some good friends who met us at the Phoenix airport and we were off to Canada alone to celebrate our 20th anniversary!

At the end of our trip we took separate flights out of Vancouver within 30 minutes of each other to retrieve our kids.  The next day Miss K and I arrived first to the San Diego airport and the boys arrived 15 minutes later.  We were reunited and drove home together!

Not only did he schedule all the flights, but also all our hotels and activities for the week.  We had a busy, fun filled week admiring the beautiful scenery all around us in Canada.  Hiking and geocaching were our main activities. 

Here are some pictures from our trip.  We had many animal sightings.  We enjoyed all the beautiful scenery!  And geocaching made our long drives fun and exciting!


If you ever get a chance to go to the Canadian Rockies, do it!  It’s so beautiful!


Deb said...

Your pictures are beautiful. I can only imagine them in real life.

Trisha said...

I am so glad you got to go. What an awesome trip. And I am still marveling at J's ability to coordinate all those planes! I clicked on the mosaic so I could see the pictures closer. So beautiful! And you saw so much wildlife. Very cool! That little geocache bolt was cool. So how many finds did you have on your trip?

em's scrapbag said...

Sounds like a fabulous trip!

upstateLisa said...

What a wonderful hubby and congratulatons on 20! I have never been out west but it is on my list!

Marilyn said...

What a perfect anniversary getaway--beautiful photos!! Congratulations and wishes for many more happy and healthy years together;)

Kim W said...

I was wondering how your trip went. I guess I could have picked up the phone and called, or just read the blog a little sooner, huh?! So glad you had a fabulous trip. Congrats on 20 years!!! And next time we need a travel plan ... we're calling Jeff first!