Monday, August 9, 2010

Summer Sewing

IMG_0014Today we’re working on a project for a friend who is having a baby boy.  Miss K is at the sewing machine right now as I type this.   IMG_0012

And here’s what I did last week.  I had fun designing this block and figuring out how I was going to piece it.  It is the beginning of my DQS9 doll quilt.  I’m still working on what the rest of the quilt will look like.  I have ideas, but I haven’t made any final decisions.  Hopefully the rest of the quilt will work out as well as the center did!


Trisha said...

Awesome block!!

Andrea said...

Oh wow - I love your little block - really love it. Is it paper pieced ?

Jackie said...

The beginnings of your quilt is fantastic!